Monday, February 21, 2011

Greetings from La Push!

Liam gets three days off for Mid-Winter break and President's day. Add the weekend to that and we have a five day mini-vacation. This year we headed to one of our favorite campgrounds on the Washington coast. The town is La Push in the middle of the Quileute Reservation which is fully surrounded by the Olympic National Park. One of the things we love about this spot is that Summer, our three year old shepard/lab/husky/who-knows rescue dog can run off the leash. She loves to play in the ocean and there are no rules here about that.

This started as a very questionable trip. I had a horrible cold. On the drive in we drove through a fierce snow storm. The forecast was rain and overcast everyday. I pretty much anticipated sitting around the fire and watching the storms blow in. We arrive, 24 hours later my cold is gone, the sun is shining and the beach is fantastic. It turns into a fantastic trip. Liam has a friend from school with him, Tom, and they just have a blast together.

Our campground in La Push

As always, I wander around with the camera taking pictures. Above you see our 5th wheel travel trailer and behind it you can see the truck we pull it with. Everything here is so scenic. I took a lot of pictures of the beach and the kids. For some reason the driftwood especially grabbed my attention on this trip. If you want to look at the photos from the trip, they are here: La Push, February 2011