Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best Photos of 2010

Hi all, each year I participate in a photo competition to be published in the Microsoft Photographers annual photo book. Proceeds from the sales of the book go to charity. I end up going through a couple of week process to sort, pick and edit my submissions. This year's process ended with five photos selected. I have included a link to the finalists below.

You can view the rest of this year's submissions here

I hope you enjoy them.


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sibling House Annual Auction

Marlaina and I have been supporting a local non-profit for a number of years. We are inspired by the work they do and have chosen them as one of the charities we contribute to.

Mike and Lynne Gaskill are the founders of Sibling House. They live in our neighborhood in Kirkland. In addition to the incredible work they do for Sibling House, they remain active foster care providers and adoptive parents. Many mornings on my way out of the neighborhood, heading to work, I see them out for a morning walk pushing a stroller or double stroller. .

Sibling House has many amazing programs that support families in the foster care system, but the one they were founded on is “keep siblings in foster care together”. We live incredibly blessed lives. It’s hard to even visualize the sort of hardship and trauma that foster kids have to live through.

Something I do each year is sponsor a Microsoft table for the Sibling House annual fund raising auction. Basically that means round up other couples to join us for the evening. This year we filled two tables. It really is a super evening out. We don’t get that many date nights and we always appreciate this one. One fun thing they do each year is have a dessert auction. Each table bids on one of the amazing desserts that are donated by area bakers (a lot of fancy cakes). This year the five couples at one of our tables put in $200 each, which resulted in $1000 contribution to Sibling House ($2000 with Microsoft matching) and a great cake!

Here are some photos from our date night this last Saturday night

Until next time...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back from Arizona

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks! I had a week of work in Las Vegas. I stopped and spent a couple of days with Glen and Diane on the way down. At the end of the week Marlaina and Liam flew in. The next day we were on the road to the Moore family reunion in Amado (Grandpa's 95th Birthday). It was very well attended. I guess about 50 of us showed up. I'll have lots more on that as I get through the pictures and start posting them.

After the reunion we spent a night with Lyle and Kathy Bitker (along with Dad, Joan and Angela) and then started heading home via all of the national parks we thought we could squeeze in. We saw some great sites. I have posted a sampling of the photos here:

Daniel Moore Photo - Southwest Romp

Hope you enjoy the pics. More on the reunion soon.